Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Seventh Heaven

Date: 17th December 2010
Found: MAPF Charity Shop, South Ealing, London
Price: 50p

Gwen Guthrie - Seventh Heaven 
4th & Broadway, 1982

1. Seventh Heaven (US Remix)

1. It Should Have Been You (US Remix)
2. Getting Hot (US Remix)

On Friday I braved the blizzard to go to some charity shops in South Ealing that my mum had told me about, apparently veritable treasure troves. She wasn't wrong. Once I got past a huge collection of Five Star records someone had finally give away, I found some real winners.

One of my best finds was this record by Gwen Guthrie, a firm favourite. I had never thought to look for a copy on discogs, and I'm glad I didn't because they're pretty rare, the promo sells for £125!! I'm pretty chuffed I got this for a mere 50p.

The drawn out intro builds up over 2 and a half minutes  until Guthrie's beautifully soulful vocals come in over a cosmic disco groove. This song is a masterpiece!

Seventh Heaven, remixed by Larry Levan of the Paradise Garage in New York, became a club anthem. Guthrie was known as "The First Lady of the Paradise Garage" and gave frequent live performances at the venue.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Midas Touch

Date: 19th September 2010
Found: Battersea Carboot Sale
Price: 50p

Midnight Star - Midas Touch
MCA records, 1986

1. Midas Touch (Extended Dance Mix)

1. Midas Touch (Instrumental Mix)
2. Midas Touch (Acapella Mix)

We finally made it down to the Battersea Carboot Sale, it was really busy and there was a lot of stuff, a lot of crap... I was quite disappointed that there weren't many people selling records, what with it being touted as one of the few proper carboot sales in london. I was also disappointed at the size, quite pokey really. Anyway I got a few records including this one and an awesome (but expensive) 90s shirt covered in a crocodile and heart pattern.

The first time I heard this song, I was in the Science Museum in London eating flying saucers. I have loved it ever since.

Recently I have discovered two versions I hadn't heard before, which show how versatile this song is and prove it's power to endure the test of time. The first is the version featured on this record, the Extended Dance Mix, and the second (not featured on this record) is the Hell Interface Remix, which is kind of a mash-up (not in the shit Kiss FM way) with Boards of Canada.

See below for the Official Video and Hell Interface Remix version.

Small Town Boy

Date: 1st September 2010
Found: The Cat's Protection League Charity Shop, Ealing, London] 
Price: £1 

Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy
London Records, 1984 

1. Smalltown Boy

1. Infatuation
2. Memories

Pac told me that he used to listen to this on his way to school and Pac went to school in a small village in Somerset... So this being a song about the struggle of a homosexual youth growing up in a small town, I should probably be a little worried...

I feel like I use the word "classic" too much on this blog, but this is an absolute Synth Pop classic. My favourite thing about this song, though, is that when you hear it in a club and the DJ plays the long drawn out intro*,  rather than people getting bored and walking away, everyone seems to start doing this weird slow-motion ballet/voguing dance and then when it drops everyone loses their fucking minds. That's why this song is so good, I can't really think of any other songs that have this effect of the dancefloor.

Also Jimmy Somerville has the voice of an angel.

B sides on this one are okay, bit meh in comparison, can't really be bothered to go into it.

* This is must, dropping it  later on in the track is a sin and ruins that amazing burst of excitement when it finally drops.

See below for the video sans epic intro and further down is the 12" Version.

Monday, 27 September 2010

This Time, Baby

Date: 1st September 2010
Found: Cat's Protection League Charity Shop, Ealing, London
Price: £1 

Jackie Moore - This Time, Baby 
CBS, 1984 

1. This Time, Baby

1. This Time, Baby (Instrumental)
2. Let's Go Somewhere and Make Love

I had this record in my shopping cart on Discogs for months, debating whether or not I wanted to part with £15 for it, so I was pretty lucky to find this near mint copy for only £1, just a 3 minute walk from my house!!

This Time Baby is a proper good disco song; smooth, soulful vocals, classic disco strings and a nice groove.  Originally released in 1979, it is a cover of the O'Jays 1978 version which wasn't massively successful. On the B side is the instrumental and Let's Go Somewhere and Make Lovewhich is a slightly cheesy pop ballad.

Unfortunately most people know of this song because it was sampled in the horrific 2005 clubland hit Love On My Mind by The Freemasons (and if you need reminding of the horror...)However, if you can block that out of your mind then you should be able to appreciate how beautiful this song is.

See below for the youtube video:

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


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Charity Shoppe at Dalston Superstore this Friday 10th September!
9-2am - FREE ENTRY

Bring a record, bring your dancing shoes. Me and Pac are billed as playing an Abandoned Acid & Hand-me-down House set but we'll probably just be playing whatever that takes our fancy. Including this:

Nearest Tube/Train : Dalston Junction / Dalston Kingsland - 149 Bus stops literally outside!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Ain't Nobody...

Date: 4th August 2010
Found: Soul & Dance Exchange, Notting Hill Gate, London

Price: £2 

Rufus & Chaka Khan (Remix Version / Hallucinogenic Version)
WEA Internation Inc, 1989 

1. Ain't Nobody (Remix Version)

1. Ain't Nobody (Hallucinogenic Version)
2. I'm Every Woman (Dub Version)

I'm gonna skip talking about the A side, pretty standard remix of the original, in fact if it wasn't labelled "remix", I wouldn't have thought it was one.

The B side is where things start to get interesting, the Hallucinogenic Version, is a wonderful drawn out Frankie Knuckles remix, the vocal doesn't kick in till about the last third of the song. Lots of lovely "hallucinogenic" piano, a nice contrast to the original which just seems a bit too camp in comparison.

I wasn't going to bother listening to the dub of I'm Every Woman because I hate that song, it makes me think of French Supermarket radio and large packs of women roaring the lyrics on a Hen do. However I was very pleasantly surprised to hear a sophisticated disco re-work of the original.

Monday, 23 August 2010


Date: Saturday 21st August 2010
Found: Families Relief Charity Shop, West Ealing, London 
Price: £1 

Krush - House Arrest
Club Records, 1987

1. House Arrest (The Beat is Law)
2. House Arrest (Blue Murder Mix)

1. Jack's Back
2. Back Beat

My only decent find this weekend (the others we shall not speak of) and quite lucky really considering how reluctant we were to dig through the huge, dirty crates at The Families Relief Project, probably the mankiest charity shop ever. It looks more like someone has crammed the contents of their house into one room and has refused to throw anything away for 50 years. They always seem to have the same stuff in stock year in year out.

House Arrest was a massive hit when it was released in 1987 and I can see why, it errs on the cheesier side of acid house but I still like it. A very English response to the American house style of that time - or "exclusive American Fashion" as quoted on the sleeve. This is essentially a fun pop song which got House music into the pop charts in the UK. I enjoyed the B sides on this record too. Less of an assault on the ears, Jack's Back is a mellow, instrumental house tune, which still sounds very different to the American House style.

Interestingly, the members of Krush went on to bigger and better things with Rob Gordon become a founding member of Warp Records - producing this and Mark Brydon becoming the producer of Moloko. Vocalist Ruth Joy went onto work with Kurtis Mantronik on solo projects.

See below for the House Arrest video and B side Jack's Back.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Break 4 Love

Date: 28th July 2010
Found: Discogs
Price: £1 

Raze - Break 4 Love 
Champion Records, 1988 

1. Break 4 Love
1. Break 4 Love (Caught in the Act Mix)

A beautiful song from Vaughn Mason (who was responsible for Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll) with a sublime vocal from Keith Thompson. I didn't really realise how much I love this song until I bought it. I remember playing Grand Theft Auto with my little brother and always choosing the radio station that had this song! It's a subtle enough song to just listen to and relax, but still has the power to get people dancing in a club.

The Caught in the Act Mix is much deeper and more drawn out. I think I like both the same, the original is more poppy but the B side is a nice darker alternative.

Watch the two videos below for the Original & the Caught in the Act Mix.

Where is My Man?

Date: 4th August 2010
Found: Soul & Dance Exchange, Notting Hill Gate, London 
Price: 50p

Eartha Kitt
Record Shack Records, 1983

1. Where is My Man? (Vocal)

1. Where is My Man? (Instrumental)

An absolute One Pound Vinyl favourite from Catwoman herself! (RIP)

This was such a bargain find (50p!?) and quite a surprise, Pac was very jealous after leaving me to rifle through all the bargain soul 12"s  on my own. I love this song, it always make me want to get up and disco dance around the room. Eartha Kitt's voice is amazing and bizarre, she actually sounds like a cat - rolling those Rrrrrs. Brilliant record!

Watch the video below for the Vocal version and to see Eartha Kitt acting mental around lots of leopard print and mirrors.

Cool With Nature

Date: 28th July 2010
Found: Discogs
Price: 99p 

Carlton - Cool With Nature (Promo)
FFRR Records / 3 Stripe Records, 1990

1. Go Beat Mix
2. The Nature Mix
3. Drum and Bass Mix

1. The Time to Rhyme
2. Cool with Nature - Go Beat Instrumental

I came a across this song by accident whilst idly browsing a sellers stock on discogs and almost didn't buy it but I am pretty happy I did as I now listen to it almost everyday.

The Nature Mix is the one, The Go Beat Mix is the reason I bought this record originally but in comparison it's just okay. The piano and bass guitar add a lot more soul to this recording and are much more complimentary to the fragile, sweet vocal than the heavy drums and slightly sinister tinkling keys on the  The Go Beat Mix. The Drum and Bass Mix is not the drum 'n' bass you might be thinking, just a more boring version on The Go Beat Mix. 

On the B side there is a confusing song called The Time to Rhyme that samples Dawn Penn and has a weird slightly faux-patois rap on it - it's just a bit lack-lustre, no real energy to it. Cool with Nature - Go Beat Instrumental is worth a go though, kind of a combination of all the tracks on the A side sans vocal. 

See below for a Youtube video version of The Nature Mix.

One Pound Vinyl is BACK... Again.

The best Charity Shop ever.

Fear not, the hiatus is over! Well kind of, this is just me making a promise to myself that I will post more bargain vinyl finds on this blog.

The lack of posts is probably due to that fact that we now both have (proper) jobs and can't spend our days trawling the ever fruitful charity shops of London's greenbelt area. Charity shops only seem to be open when people are at work, and in turn us having jobs has meant that we don't need to pop into charity shops as often in search of records as we can now afford to visit real record shops (and discogs - no stress over P&P) and buy expensive shiny records (£80 for a Patrick Cowley remix anyone?)

Still I have realised that there is something missing from my life - Charity shopping, I have missed the most of the Carbooting season and neglected Deptford Market whilst the students are away! So this weekend I have made a pact with myself to try and buy some One Pound Vinyls.

In the mean time I will be retrospectively posting up some of my most interesting circular finds over the past 4 months. Keep your eyes peeled...

Monday, 21 June 2010

Charity Shoppe

Our mates over at Charity Shoppe have kindly asked us back to play their night at Dalston Superstore with Andy Blake and Off Modern DJs. We'll be playing an eclectic mix of vinyl from the blog and much more. See the flyer for more information!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Nexus 21

Date: Thursday 18th March 2010
Found: Music & Video Exchange, Greenwich
Price: £1

Nexus 21 ft. Donna Black - Still (Life Keeps Moving)
Network Records, 1990

1. Still (Life Keeps Moving)

1. Still (Life Keeps Moving) (Carl Craig Remix)
2. Still (Life Keeps Moving) (MK Remix)

Was pretty chuffed with this find in the treasure trove that is the bargain bin in the Greenwich branch of Music & Video Exchange. Nexus 21 was the first project of the outfit that soon went onto be Altern-8 and take the hardcore scene by storm.

A classic 90s techno record, very reminiscent of Inner City, although probably a bit harder sounding. The Marc Kinchen remix is the choice cut here, stripping away the vocals and including a lovely stripped down string break at 50 secs into the record.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Street tuff

Date:  Wednesday 3rd March 2010
Found: Families' Relief Charity Shop, Greenford, Middlesex
Price: £1

Double Trouble & Rebel MC - Street Tuff
Desire Records, 1989

1. Street Tuff (Scar Mix)

1. Street Tuff (Club Mix)

Rebel MC is often recognised as the originator of Jungle music, which found it's roots in dub reggae, you can definitely see that coming through in this song. Interestingly the bass line was based on that of The Maytals 54-46 That's My Number.

Watch the video below to see their appearance at the 1989 Smash Hits Poll Winners Party, feature Philip Schofield (sans Gordon) as compere!

Friday, 26 February 2010

Tell me why?

Date: Thursday 25th February 2010
Found: Cancer Research Charity Shop, West Ealing, London
Price: £1

The Sindecut - Tell Me Why?
Virgin Records, 1990

1. Tell Me Why?

1. Tell Me Why? (LP Version)
2. Wisdom

Another one of those "I haven't got a clue what this is but I'm gonna buy it anyway" records that turns out to be pretty awesome. I had never heard of The Sindecut before but it turns out they were pretty big around the early 90s. A UK based hip hop and soul group of DJs, rappers and vocalists including
MC Crazy Noddy, DJ Fingers, Louise Francis, Lyn E Lyn, Don't Ramp and Spikey Tee.

After a few listens to this song I was hooked, the rap ain't so good but it makes up for it with sweet vocals and a great bassline. Enjoy!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Airport '89

Date: Thursday 25th February 2010
Found: Families Relief Charity Shop, West Ealing, London
Price: £1

Classic early rave tune from the 80s here - actually thought to be one of the first - Wood Allen was also a pseudonym (of many) of Black Box! The club version here is the one everyone will remember with it's classic rave sounding synths all over the show, cut up vocal snippets and chugging bassline. The radio version, which I'm still in two minds about, eschews the rave synths for a rather sinister sounding piano. The bonus with this vinyl is the scratch samples on the second track of the B-Side, result!

Wood Allen - Airport '89
BCM Recordsl, 1989

1. Airport '89 (Club Mix)

1. Airport '89 (Radio Version)
2. Sound and Freq. Scratching

Bobby Bonus

Date: Thursday 25th February 2010
Found: Families Relief Charity Shop, West Ealing, London
Price: £1 each

Some poor soul was silly enough to give away a prize selection of Bobby Brown records and I am lucky enough to be the new (and rightful) owner of these gems:

Bobby Brown - My Prerogative
MCA Records, 1988

1. My Prerogative (Extended Mix)

1. Girl Next Door (Extended Version)
2. My Prerogative (Instrumental)


Bobby Brown - Don't Be Cruel
MCA Records, 1988

1. Don't Be Cruel (Extended Version)

1. Don't Be Cruel (Radio Edit)
2. Don't Be Cruel (Accapella)


Bobby Brown - Roni

MCA Records, 1989

1. Roni (Extended Version)

1. The 'Every Little Hit' Mix
- Every Little Step
- On Our Own
- Don't Be Cruel
- *My Prerogative

She Drives Me Crazy

Date: Thursday 25th February 2010
Found: PDSA Charity Shop, West Ealing, London
Price: 80p

FYC (Fine Young Cannibals) - She Drives Me Crazy
FFRR Records Ltd, 1988

1. She Drives Me Crazy (The Monie Love Remix)

1. Pull The Sucker Off
2. She Drives Me Crazy

When I picked this record up I didn't know that FYC = Fine Young Cannibals, I only saw "Monie Love Remix" and thought this could either be really awful or amazing. I was pleasantly surprised (and confused) when I played it and realised what it was. It's basically a mash-up of the fine Young Cannibals' She Drives Me Crazy and Monie Love's I'll Drive You Crazy which makes perfect sense as they were released the same year and have similar titles. It sounds like it could be a total cheesefest but it's not, it's done really well and to great effect.

I've posted the video with the 12" Mix as I couldn't find a video with the Monie Love remix, and anyway it's better than the original version. I have also put up the original version of I'll Drive You Crazy by Monie Love so maybe if you listen to both at the same time with your eyes closed your brain could do some really special maths.


Date: Thursday 25th February 2010
Found: Cancer Research Charity Shop, West Ealing, London
Price: £1

Adeva - Respect
Cooltempo, 1988

1. Respect (extended version)

1. Respect (Rough Mix)
2. Respect (Dub Version)

I was excited to come across this record in my local charity shop this afternoon after reading about it on the Legendary Children blog just last night, coincidence?
Adeva's strong, soulful vocals work wonderfully with this garage house version of the classic Respect, made famous by Aretha Franklin 20 years earlier in 1967.

Have a look below for the video where Adeva struts her stuff in a rather unusual take on Construction worker chic (complete with handcuffs... I'm guessing that if you don't show her the respect she deserves you could find yourself attached to a scaffold indefinitely!)

Extended Version:


Date: Thursday 25th February 2007
Found: Families Relief Charity Shop, West Ealing, London
Price: £1

Chanelle - One Man
Cooltempo, 1988

1. One Man (One Mix)

1. One Man (Dope Mix)
2. One Ma (Intense Mix)

I bought this record with very little to go on except for the fact that it was from the Cooltempo record label, had very similar artwork to the Adeva record in the next post and the words "Frankie" and "Knuckles" in very small writing on the label. My detective work paid off as this is not a bad record at all - having listened to it, I certainly think it has the potential to grow on me. It's a real feel good song with cheerful piano and gospel backing vocals.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Melting Pot

Date: Wednesday 17th February 2010
Found: Red Cross Charity Shop, Lewisham, London
Price: £1.50

Booker T & The M.G.'s - Melting Pot LP

Stax, 1971

1. Melting Pot
2. Back Home
3. Chicken Pox
4. Fuquawi

1. Kinda Easy Like
2. Hi Ride
3. L.A. Jazz Song
4. Sunny Monday

I was really chuffed with finding this original pressing in the Red Cross Shop last week. Fair enough the sleeve is a bit tatty (kinda expected for a 29 year old record!), but the vinyl is absolutely mint with barely any audible crackle. I picked up on it due to the title track 'Melting Pot' being an original Hip Hop break from the late 70s and me being a wannabe breaker when I was about 16 years old. Funk really doesn't get any better with it's organs, rolling bassline and incredible breakdown in the middle - proper 2am, tiny sweaty basement stuff. I did try to pick out some highlights, but the whole album is incredible, so below is the title track. I did want to post L.A. Jazz song, but can't find it on youtube, although you can hear it here if you have itunes.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Grandpa's Party

Date: 25th December 2009
Found: Wrapping paper, Somerset
Price: £0

Monie Love - Grandpa's Party

Cooltempo, 1989

1. Grandpa's Party (The Love II Love Remix)

Grandpa's Party (Music Mix)
2. I'm Driving You Crazy

So we haven't posted much recently due to a lack of trips to charity shops/ a lack of decent vinyl available in the charity shops we do go to/ Pac having a saturday job = no Deptford Market/ a lack of money to spend on records. Therefore I have decided to write about the Records that Pac got me for Christmas to tide you over!

This first record is a song that I wrote about previously as it was on the Monie Love album Down To Earth that I bought a few months ago. However the problem with buying albums is that the playback is often quieter and not quite the full quality you'd get with a 12" single. Plus you get a couple of remixes thrown in that can open up a whole new side to a much loved song.

So knowing how much I love Grandpa's Party, you can only imagine how overjoyed I was to find this in my pile of presents on Jesus' Birthday!

I'm not going bore you by repeating what I wrote about the Love II Love Remix which also appears on the album. However the vinyl includes the Music Mix, that I hadn't heard before by Richie Ferme who also remixed Doin' Our Own Dang. I think I prefer this remix as it has a much more house-y feel to it.

Monday, 4 January 2010

New Jack Swing Mastercuts Volume 1

Date: Friday 27th November
Found: Music & Goods Exchange, Notting Hill
Price: £3

New Jack Swing Mastercuts Volume 1

Mastercuts, 1992

1. Rub You The Right Way (Original Extended Hype 12" Mix) - Johnny Gill
2. Her (Original 12" Mix) - Guy
3. I Got The Feeling (Original 12" Mix) - Today

1. New Jack Swing (Original 12" Mix) - Wrecks-N-Effects
2. She's Got That Vibe (Original 12" Mix) - R Kelly & Public Annoucement
3. Do Me Right (Original 12" Vocal Remix) - Guy

1. Sensitivity (Original 7" Radio Mix) - Ralph Tresvant
2. So You Like What You See (Original Extended Album Mix) - Samuelle
3. Poison (Original 12" Mix) - Bell Biv Devoe

1. Treat Them Like They Want To Be Treated (Original 12" Mix) - Father MC
2. Another Like My Lover (Original Hip Hop 12" Remix) - Jasmine Guy
3. Mama Told Me (Original Full CD Mix) - Keisha Jackson

I know this record was £3, but I had to post it here as I love the Mastercut series for so many reasons. Partly because they only feature the extended or 12" versions, but also the quality of the songs they choose and the quality of vinyl they use to press makes them amazing for DJs. Particularly if you are just getting into a genre that's relatively unknown to you or are starting out as a vinyl DJ, and there library and range of genres is pretty comprehensive - check the full list here.

Anyway back to New Jack Swing Volume 1 - every tune is a banger, although my fav (other than the more obvious choices) is definitely 'I Got The Feeling', with it's reverse reverbed drums (I love reverse reverb) and rolling disco-esque bassline.

The House Sound of Chicago

Date: Tuesday 17th November 2009
Found: Cancer Research Charity Shop, West Ealing
Price: £2

The House Sound Of Chicago

DJ International, 1986

1. Jack Your Body - Steve 'Silk' Hurley
2. Mystery of Love - Fingers Inc.
3. Shadows of Your Love - J M Silk
4. Like This - Chip E Inc. featuring K Joy

1. Love Can't Turn Around - Farley Jackmaster Funk featuring Daryl Pandy
2. Music Is The Key - J M Silk
3. Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem) - Marshall Jefferson

I was pretty chuffed when I picked this up a couple of months ago, especially as I now have the version of 'Move Your Body' with the extra bassy synth in the intro, that's been eluding me for a couple of years. The other highlight for me was 'Like This' by Chip E, which I'd never heard prior to this! Treat!