Saturday, 28 November 2009

Come Into My House

Date: Friday 27th November 2009
Found: Music and Goods Exchange, Notting Hill, London
Price: £1

Queen Latifah - Come Into My House

Tommy Boy Records, 1990

1. Come Into My House (LP Version)
2. Come Into My House (Julian "Jumpin" Perez Mix)
3. Latifah's Law (Remix)

1. Come Into My House (Zanzibar Mix)
2. Come Into My House (Fast Eddie Mix)
3. Come Into My House (DJ Mark / Queen Latifah Mix)

I have been after this record for absolutely ages... and what should be the first thing I pick up when I start going through vinyl at Soul & Dance Exchange? And at an absolute bargain price of one quid too!!! As if the original wasn't brilliant enough the remixes on this Maxi are astounding (if you ignore Latifah's Law). I think my favourite remix has to be the Zanzibar Mix, really wasn't expecting anything like this to be on the record - a much more hous-ier (is that a word?) version of the original complete with piano. Both mine and Pac's jaws dropped whilst listening to it for the first time! That's how good it is!

If you wanna see the Video for Come Into My House, click here or if you're feeling lazy then watch the live video (not so great):

Live Video:

Monie Love

Date: Friday 27th November 2009
Found: Music and Goods Exchange, Notting Hill, London
Price: £2

Monie Love - Down To Earth (LP)

Cooltempo / Chrysalis Records, 1990

1. Monie In The Middle
2. It's A Shame (My Sister)
3. Don't Funk Wid The Mo
4. Ring My Bell
5. R U Single
6. Just Don't Give A Damn
7. What I'm Supposed 2 B
8. Dettrimentally Stable

1. Down 2 Earth
2. I Do As I Please
3. Pups Lickin' Bone
4. Read Between The Lines
5. Race Against Reality
6. Swiney Swiney
7. I'm Driving You Crazy
8. Grandpa's Party (Love II Love Remix)

I bought this Monie Love album because it features one of my all time favourites: Grandpa's Party. I was a bit sceptical about buying this LP at first, I was hoping the 12" might turn up but it never did and I wasn't even sure it was going to be the same version.
Luckily it was... and remixed by none other than Jazzie B and Nellee Cooper (are you noticing the trend yet???)

Anyway... this was Monie's first album and a great one at that, the highlights include Monie in The Middle, It's a Shame (My Sister), Down 2 Earth and of course Grandpa's Party. Watch the videos below...

Monie Love was born in London, she was a key figure in the Native Tongues Movement after being mentored by Queen Latifah.

(N.B not the love II love remix!)

Ghetto Heaven

Date: Friday 27th November 2009
Found: Music and Goods Exchange, Notting Hill, London
Price: £2

The Family Stand - Ghetto Heaven (Remixed by Jazzie B & Nelle Hooper)

Atlantic, 1990

1. The Remix

1. The Original
2. The Dub

On our first trip to the Music and Goods Exchange (Soul and Dance) Shop in Notting Hill, we uncovered some real gems, albeit mainly from the bargain R&B section! The first of these gems is Ghetton Heaven by The Family Stand. I got quite excited when I uncovered this record as I had totally forgotten about this song. The best thing about it, however, is that it's got the remix, although it does feature the original, the Jazzie B and Nellee Hooper remix is sooooo much better.

Check out the video below (featuring the remixed version) -


Date: Friday 27th November 2009
Found: Music and Goods Exchange, Notting Hill, London
Price: £3

TLC - Creep
LaFace Records, 1994

1. Album Version
2. Jermaine's 'Jeep' Mix

1. Instrumental
2. Jermaine's Acappella Mix

This is an absolute classic from probably my favourite R&B girl group ever (at age 10). The Jermaine's 'Jeep' Mix wasn't worth a listen, as I said before most R&B remixes are rubbish. Quite handy having both the instrumental and the acappella though, when I eventually learn to DJ I could have a play about with those. Three quid well spent!

Watch the video here

Friday, 20 November 2009

My Fantasy

Date: Tuesday 17th November 2009
Found: Cancer Research Charity shop, West Ealing, London
Price: £1

Teddy Riley featuring Guy - My Fantasy
(Extended Version - Music from "Do the Right Thing")
MCA Records, 1989

1. My Fantasy (Extended Version)

1. Rap
2. Bonus Beats

Another New Jack Swing classic. Afterall Teddy Riley is said to have invented New Jack Swing - clever man. I bought this based on the fact that it was featured in one of my favourite films ever: Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing, and I was not disappointed! Despite the outward appearance of this record's sleeve, the vinyl inside was undamaged and played smoothly after cleaning. This is a great song and I think I prefer this extended version to all the other versions out there. I also enjoyed the Rap version on the B Side that features Wreckx N Effect.

So You Like What You See...

Date: Tuesday 17th November 2009
Found: British Heart Foundation Charity shop, West Ealing, London
Price: £1

Samuelle - So You Like What You See
WEA Records, 1990

1. So You Like What You See (Extended LP Mix)
2. So You Like What You See (12" Remix)

1. So You Like What You See (Club Remix)

This song is a New Jack Swing classic! I love this song. The funk inspired horn samples are great however I do think it could do with less of that repetitive "hit you with the programme" phrase running throughout the whole song, it's gets annoying after a while! Anyway check out the sexy video (complete with trumpet-playing models). Don't you think that Samuelle looks like an older Carlton from Fresh Prince??? I like that he has matched his blazer to his skin tone, great style!!!

Doug E. Fresh & MC. Ricky D

Date: Friday 7th November 2009
Found: Cancer Research Shop, West Ealing, London
Price: £1

Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew - The Show & La Di Da Di
(The Full American Version Featuring "La Di Da Di")
Chrysalis Records, 1985

1. The Show (Full Version)
2. The Show

1. La Di Da Di (Doug E. Fresh & MC. Ricky D)
2. The Show Instrumental

A couple of old school hip hop classics here featuring Doug E Fresh and MC. Ricky D - otherwise known as Slick Rick tha Ruler. Both tracks feature beatboxing, in the place of drums, provided by Doug E. Fresh "One of the earliest recorded beat boxers, Fresh is able to accurately imitate drum machines and various special effects using only his mouth, teeth, and gums."
I'm not a massive fan of either of these tracks (I think definately prefer The Show out of the two) However Pac assures me they are "well good".

The Show

La Di Da Di

Thursday, 5 November 2009

House Nation

Date: Wednesday 4th November 2009
Found: Music & Goods Exchange, Greenwich
Price: 50p

The Housemaster Boyz and The Rude Boy of House - House Nation

Magnetic Dance, 1987

1. House Nation (Extended Remix)

1. House Nation (Full Remix)

I should have looked at the label on this one, as they are actually remixes, although, they are pretty decent in their own right. Not as dark and repetitive as the original version, the bassline is slightly more electro funk, and they have been some breaks with some funky keys chucked into the mix too.

Here's the original:

Git On Up

Date: Wednesday 4th November 2009
Found: Music & Goods Exchange in Greenwich
Price: £1

Fast Eddie - Git On Up

DJ International, 1989

1. Git On Up (The Fast Eddie Mix)
2. Git On Up (The Julian 'Jumpin' Perez Mix)

1. Git On Up (The Rocky Jones Mix)
2. Git On Up (The Tyree Cooper Mix)

MEGA. This is a hip house cornerstone, absolute beast of tune - and although I've said this before, finding this vinyl is a good example of why I still buy vinyl. The remixes. As a DJ who plays out regularly, having decent remixes of classic tunes can really define your sets and will set you apart from all your peers who download from blogs and the like. To be fair though, all are basically re-edits, apart from the Tyree mix which has some classic deep house sounding rhodes as the bassline, and more subtle, less jump up drums.

Two Covers For Your Party

Date: Wednesday 4th November 2009
Found: Music & Goods Exchange in Greenwich
Price: 50p

Who Made Who - Two Covers For Your Party

Gomma, 2004

1. Satisfaction

1. Flat Beat

Classic covers by Who Made Who, the satisfaction one, was mega when it first came out, but weirdly I never picked up on the Flat Beat Cover till about 6 months ago - and apparently I like to call myself a DJ? Anyway I now have both for the bargain price of 50p! Also below is a live video from when they played at our friends, the Filthy Dukes' night at Kill 'Em All @ Fabric in 2007.