Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Grandpa's Party

Date: 25th December 2009
Found: Wrapping paper, Somerset
Price: £0

Monie Love - Grandpa's Party

Cooltempo, 1989

1. Grandpa's Party (The Love II Love Remix)

Grandpa's Party (Music Mix)
2. I'm Driving You Crazy

So we haven't posted much recently due to a lack of trips to charity shops/ a lack of decent vinyl available in the charity shops we do go to/ Pac having a saturday job = no Deptford Market/ a lack of money to spend on records. Therefore I have decided to write about the Records that Pac got me for Christmas to tide you over!

This first record is a song that I wrote about previously as it was on the Monie Love album Down To Earth that I bought a few months ago. However the problem with buying albums is that the playback is often quieter and not quite the full quality you'd get with a 12" single. Plus you get a couple of remixes thrown in that can open up a whole new side to a much loved song.

So knowing how much I love Grandpa's Party, you can only imagine how overjoyed I was to find this in my pile of presents on Jesus' Birthday!

I'm not going bore you by repeating what I wrote about the Love II Love Remix which also appears on the album. However the vinyl includes the Music Mix, that I hadn't heard before by Richie Ferme who also remixed Doin' Our Own Dang. I think I prefer this remix as it has a much more house-y feel to it.

Monday, 4 January 2010

New Jack Swing Mastercuts Volume 1

Date: Friday 27th November
Found: Music & Goods Exchange, Notting Hill
Price: £3

New Jack Swing Mastercuts Volume 1

Mastercuts, 1992

1. Rub You The Right Way (Original Extended Hype 12" Mix) - Johnny Gill
2. Her (Original 12" Mix) - Guy
3. I Got The Feeling (Original 12" Mix) - Today

1. New Jack Swing (Original 12" Mix) - Wrecks-N-Effects
2. She's Got That Vibe (Original 12" Mix) - R Kelly & Public Annoucement
3. Do Me Right (Original 12" Vocal Remix) - Guy

1. Sensitivity (Original 7" Radio Mix) - Ralph Tresvant
2. So You Like What You See (Original Extended Album Mix) - Samuelle
3. Poison (Original 12" Mix) - Bell Biv Devoe

1. Treat Them Like They Want To Be Treated (Original 12" Mix) - Father MC
2. Another Like My Lover (Original Hip Hop 12" Remix) - Jasmine Guy
3. Mama Told Me (Original Full CD Mix) - Keisha Jackson

I know this record was £3, but I had to post it here as I love the Mastercut series for so many reasons. Partly because they only feature the extended or 12" versions, but also the quality of the songs they choose and the quality of vinyl they use to press makes them amazing for DJs. Particularly if you are just getting into a genre that's relatively unknown to you or are starting out as a vinyl DJ, and there library and range of genres is pretty comprehensive - check the full list here.

Anyway back to New Jack Swing Volume 1 - every tune is a banger, although my fav (other than the more obvious choices) is definitely 'I Got The Feeling', with it's reverse reverbed drums (I love reverse reverb) and rolling disco-esque bassline.

The House Sound of Chicago

Date: Tuesday 17th November 2009
Found: Cancer Research Charity Shop, West Ealing
Price: £2

The House Sound Of Chicago

DJ International, 1986

1. Jack Your Body - Steve 'Silk' Hurley
2. Mystery of Love - Fingers Inc.
3. Shadows of Your Love - J M Silk
4. Like This - Chip E Inc. featuring K Joy

1. Love Can't Turn Around - Farley Jackmaster Funk featuring Daryl Pandy
2. Music Is The Key - J M Silk
3. Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem) - Marshall Jefferson

I was pretty chuffed when I picked this up a couple of months ago, especially as I now have the version of 'Move Your Body' with the extra bassy synth in the intro, that's been eluding me for a couple of years. The other highlight for me was 'Like This' by Chip E, which I'd never heard prior to this! Treat!