Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Midas Touch

Date: 19th September 2010
Found: Battersea Carboot Sale
Price: 50p

Midnight Star - Midas Touch
MCA records, 1986

1. Midas Touch (Extended Dance Mix)

1. Midas Touch (Instrumental Mix)
2. Midas Touch (Acapella Mix)

We finally made it down to the Battersea Carboot Sale, it was really busy and there was a lot of stuff, a lot of crap... I was quite disappointed that there weren't many people selling records, what with it being touted as one of the few proper carboot sales in london. I was also disappointed at the size, quite pokey really. Anyway I got a few records including this one and an awesome (but expensive) 90s shirt covered in a crocodile and heart pattern.

The first time I heard this song, I was in the Science Museum in London eating flying saucers. I have loved it ever since.

Recently I have discovered two versions I hadn't heard before, which show how versatile this song is and prove it's power to endure the test of time. The first is the version featured on this record, the Extended Dance Mix, and the second (not featured on this record) is the Hell Interface Remix, which is kind of a mash-up (not in the shit Kiss FM way) with Boards of Canada.

See below for the Official Video and Hell Interface Remix version.

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