Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Ain't Nobody...

Date: 4th August 2010
Found: Soul & Dance Exchange, Notting Hill Gate, London

Price: £2 

Rufus & Chaka Khan (Remix Version / Hallucinogenic Version)
WEA Internation Inc, 1989 

1. Ain't Nobody (Remix Version)

1. Ain't Nobody (Hallucinogenic Version)
2. I'm Every Woman (Dub Version)

I'm gonna skip talking about the A side, pretty standard remix of the original, in fact if it wasn't labelled "remix", I wouldn't have thought it was one.

The B side is where things start to get interesting, the Hallucinogenic Version, is a wonderful drawn out Frankie Knuckles remix, the vocal doesn't kick in till about the last third of the song. Lots of lovely "hallucinogenic" piano, a nice contrast to the original which just seems a bit too camp in comparison.

I wasn't going to bother listening to the dub of I'm Every Woman because I hate that song, it makes me think of French Supermarket radio and large packs of women roaring the lyrics on a Hen do. However I was very pleasantly surprised to hear a sophisticated disco re-work of the original.

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