Thursday, 19 August 2010

Where is My Man?

Date: 4th August 2010
Found: Soul & Dance Exchange, Notting Hill Gate, London 
Price: 50p

Eartha Kitt
Record Shack Records, 1983

1. Where is My Man? (Vocal)

1. Where is My Man? (Instrumental)

An absolute One Pound Vinyl favourite from Catwoman herself! (RIP)

This was such a bargain find (50p!?) and quite a surprise, Pac was very jealous after leaving me to rifle through all the bargain soul 12"s  on my own. I love this song, it always make me want to get up and disco dance around the room. Eartha Kitt's voice is amazing and bizarre, she actually sounds like a cat - rolling those Rrrrrs. Brilliant record!

Watch the video below for the Vocal version and to see Eartha Kitt acting mental around lots of leopard print and mirrors.

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