Thursday, 19 August 2010

Cool With Nature

Date: 28th July 2010
Found: Discogs
Price: 99p 

Carlton - Cool With Nature (Promo)
FFRR Records / 3 Stripe Records, 1990

1. Go Beat Mix
2. The Nature Mix
3. Drum and Bass Mix

1. The Time to Rhyme
2. Cool with Nature - Go Beat Instrumental

I came a across this song by accident whilst idly browsing a sellers stock on discogs and almost didn't buy it but I am pretty happy I did as I now listen to it almost everyday.

The Nature Mix is the one, The Go Beat Mix is the reason I bought this record originally but in comparison it's just okay. The piano and bass guitar add a lot more soul to this recording and are much more complimentary to the fragile, sweet vocal than the heavy drums and slightly sinister tinkling keys on the  The Go Beat Mix. The Drum and Bass Mix is not the drum 'n' bass you might be thinking, just a more boring version on The Go Beat Mix. 

On the B side there is a confusing song called The Time to Rhyme that samples Dawn Penn and has a weird slightly faux-patois rap on it - it's just a bit lack-lustre, no real energy to it. Cool with Nature - Go Beat Instrumental is worth a go though, kind of a combination of all the tracks on the A side sans vocal. 

See below for a Youtube video version of The Nature Mix.

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